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13 Years of Creativity

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200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries: Meet the Visionaries
Louis Vuitton (2023)

In honor to the numerous artists, writers, and thought-leaders who took part in Louis Vuitton's '200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries' show, I created of a visually captivating graphic representation showcasing their invaluable advice.


This work was shared on Louis Vuitton's Instagram, providing the audience with a delightful opportunity to both appreciate and glean wisdom from these remarkable individuals.

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200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries: The Exhibition
Louis Vuitton (2023)

To help promote Louis Vuitton's exhibition titled '200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries', I created a series of engaging Instagram Stories game. Through this interactive experience, viewers could attempt to match each trunk with its respective artist solely based on the provided images.

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All Out
Refinery29 x New Balance (2023)

For a collaboration between New Balance and Refinery29, we produced two captivating social videos and a dynamic digital hub, all centered around promoting the mental health advantages of running.

Our featured talent consisted of two inspiring New York City runners, Erin and Sarai, who harnessed the transformative power of running to amplify their motivation and foster a stronger dedication to serving their community.

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Spill It
Refinery29 x BodyArmor (2023)

In Refinery29's exciting partnership with BodyArmor, I conceived a concept that involved featuring influential personality Cash Proudfoot. As an accomplished actor, dancer, and star of Love Island, Cash was the ideal candidate to reveal the intriguing secrets hidden within her bag.


By leveraging Refinery29's popular YouTube format, we seamlessly integrated the BodyArmor drink into the content without it feeling overly promotional, ensuring an engaging and authentic viewing experience.

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Rewinding Video Format
Liah Yoo (2023)

Liah Yoo, a YouTuber with a following of over 1.2 million subscribers, reached out to me for assistance in developing a new YouTube format that would educate her audience about conscious consumption.


Collaboratively, we developed series called Rewinding. Each episode takes viewers on a journey through the entire life cycle of a product, from your shopping basket all the way back to the raw materials. We explored various products such as vaseline, perfume, sheet masks, and collagen.

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Voices of Disability
Refinery29 x Samsung (2023)

To promote Samsung's new flip phone, we showcased the incredible voice-activated features of the phone's camera app and highlighted their significant benefits for the disabled community.


In collaboration with renowned activists and disabled models Aaron Rose Philip and Kiara, we invited them to record empowering messages they wished to share with the Refinery29 audience.


Burj Khalifa Monogram Launch
Tommy Hilfiger (2022)

To commemorate release of Tommy Hilfiger's new monogram, I was tasked with single-handedly crafting a 3-minute animation for the grandest canvas in the world: the colossal 2,716 ft façade of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


Armed solely with a logo vector file and the brand's distinct color palette, I employed a myriad of techniques to create a striking visual experience: through repetition, overlap, mesmerizing 3D transformations, graceful twirls, and captivating kaleidoscopic formations, the animation took on a bold and hypnotic allure. The final result was featured in WWD and Gulf News.


Phillipa Soo: Broadway vs. The Booth
Amazon Audible (2022)

I was tasked to come up with a concept and direct a shoot with Phillipa Soo for Amazon Audible. The primary intent was to promote her new Audible project she narrated. In order to also tap into her core appeal as a Broadway performer, I came up with a concept where she discusses, in parallel, her techniques for performing on stage versus her techniques for recording in a sound booth.


The result is a charming side-by-side video where we learn about both her incredible Broadway prowess and her voice acting expertise.

For this project, I ended up taking on the edit and color grade as well.


BeautyFest 2022
YouTube (2022)

For the second year in a row, my team (Studio Sabia) served as a production partner for YouTube's annual Beauty Festival. Working closely with Derek Blasberg and the Fashion & Beauty team, we developed and produced 10 pre-taped segments which aired during the live show. BeautyFest was attended live by over 100 creators, received thousands of views, and served as a successful model for implementing YouTube's Live Shopping feature.

Segments I worked on include Jennifer Aniston surprising two fans at a hair salon, Ashley Graham revealing a punk-rock makeover, Hailey Bieber and Jen Atkin swapping glam roles, Euphoria lead makeup artist Donni Davy receiving a drag tutorial from Violet Chachki, and more.


LGBTQ+ Skate Community Spotlight
Instagram (2022)

Studio Sabia ideated and produced a number of Instagram Stories highlighting skate talent from the LGBTQ+ community in honor of Pride month.

Accomplished skaters Marbie and Myles showed off their superlative tricks: from their most signature move to their most difficult trick.

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Christine Quinn: Boss B*tch Life Advice
Amazon Audible (2022)

I creatively developed and directed a video where Christine Quinn, breakout star and self-proclaimed villain of Selling Sunset, dishes out life advice and styles outfits for inquiring fans.

The video was in promotion of Quinn's new memoir, How To Be a Boss B*tch.


Met Gala Get-Ready-With-Me
Burberry (2022)

Helped the Burberry team capture behind-the-scenes content at the Carlyle hotel before the Met Gala. Shot with Stormzy and Nicki Minaj.


Kids Draw Fantastic Beasts from Audio
Amazon Audible (2022)

For Audible's promotion of the Harry Potter series, I came up with a concept which saw young Harry Potter fans listen to descriptions of magical beasts from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Audible audiobook and attempt to draw them. Cuteness ensued.

Over the last year, I have created multiple video formats for Audible in collaboration with Pottermore, which have helped cement their partnership and boost their professional relationship. Many of the assets we created were subsequently re-shared and posted by Pottermore and JK Rowling herself.


Coachella #Shorts
YouTube (2022)

For Coachella 2022, YouTube invited its top creators to participate in a YouTube Shorts activation to promote the new product on their platform. Our team ideated fresh ultra-short-form formats to capture at the festival, such as outfit roasts, dealbreakers, rapid-fire questionnaires and crowd surveys.

Creators published over 40 Shorts which were viewed more than 2.8 million times. Some stand-out assets include Violet Chachki roasting looks, Chris Appleton reviewing hair, Maeve Reilly and Skai Jackson guessing outfit costs and Brittany Xavier's daughter grading her past Coachella looks.


Tudum Video Formats
Netflix (2022)

Netflix tasked Studio Sabia to come up with creative concepts for Tudum - a platform where viewers can enjoy exclusive bonus content about their most popular shows. We pitched 6 show concepts, out of which 2 were selected for further development.

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Voice Actor Improv
Amazon Audible (2022)

Audible has access to a roster of impressive voice acting talent. I devised a video format (piloted with Vikas Adam) which showcases their skillsets through a series of challenges where they are tasked with improvising increasingly complex characters.

The videos are the #2 and #3 top performing videos within the first day of uploading on Audible's channel, with the audiobook fanbase in particular showing the series a lot of love:

"These are skills which cant be inherited or be a gift, this is sheer hard work and practice!! Bravo sir!" - Ali Ashrar
"More please. This guy is great." - Paul Johnson


Tyler Herro x Therabody
Therabody (2022)

In addition to producing a shoot with basketball superstar and brand ambassador Tyler Herro, Therabody asked Studio Sabia to ideate a slew of concepts which communicate their brand story and product benefits.

Out of 15 ideas pitched, they have selected 4 for further development.


Impossible Questions
Vogue India (2022)

During my time at Vogue, I came up with the idea of devising an interview format that tapped into the 'impossible questions' asked during tech or finance interviews, such as "How many tennis balls can fit in an airplane?" or "What is something you believe to be true but no one agrees with you on?"

To date, brave 'Impossible Questions' participants have included Margot Robbie, Priyanka Chopra, Regina King and Daisy Ridley.

Impossible Questions has received over 2.8 million views.


TD Ameritrade TikTok Campaign
HAVAS (2021)

Advertising agency HAVAS commissioned Studio Sabia to produce a trio of TikTok videos promoting their trading tools.

My focus was primarily planning ways to incorporate familiar TikTok transitions and trends into the paid advertisements, so as to make them feel as native as possible to the platform.


Baggage YouTube Channel
Game Show Network (2021)

Jerry Springer-helmed reality dating TV show Baggage was a hit in the early 2010s. The Game Show Network turned to Studio Sabia to develop and populate a Baggage YouTube channel dedicated to airing archived episodes and hilarious compilations videos.

I built the channel's visual identity, templated thumbnails, wrote copy for titles and descriptions and oversaw growth of the channel in numbers. The channel now has almost 400,000 views.


Spotify Live Shows
Spotify (2021)

Spotify Live (formerly known as Spotify Greenroom) is an emerging live voice chat platform integrated within the music app.

Over the course of several months, Studio Sabia worked with the programming team to develop recurring weekly live shows, pitched upward of 30 ideas as well as suggested talent and best practices.


Rewind Interview
Amazon Audible (2021)

The Rewind Interview is a unique format I came up with which always delights guests. The premise is simple: we unearth questions that our guests have been asked in the past, ask them to answer those same questions today, and reveal how they answered them years ago.

Our episode with rapper Logic is the top performing video on Audible's YouTube channel. On Instagram, he hailed the experience as "one of the greatest interviews [he's] done in his life." Jamie Lee Curtis called it "creepy... but in a good way."


Legendary/Warner Bros (2021)

Legendary/Warner Bros asked Studio Sabia to pitch ideas for promotional video content to be shot with the talent (Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Jason Momoa) ahead of the release of Dune.


My Alter Ego: Dylan Sprouse
Amazon Audible (2021)

Inspired by Dylan Sprouse's love of comics, I devised a clever interview format where he is asked to answer personal questions about himself and as his alter ego. In parallel, a popular YouTube artist, TenHundred, creates a spectacular artistic interpretation of the alter ego Dylan describes in his answers.

The video received the highest number of organic views of any video uploaded to the Audible YouTube channel to date. Dylan enjoyed the experience and proclaimed he would hang the final painting "above his bed."


YouTube Originals (2021)

Together with The Den of Thieves, Studio Sabia helped develop a weekly show which counted down to the release of an anticipated new music video.

Standout episodes include:



- Sir Paul McCartney

- Doja Cat


BeautyFest 2021
YouTube Originals (2021)

Studio Sabia served as the exclusive production partner for the inaugural YouTube Beauty Festival. We ideated and produced 14 segments, of which I directed several. Emma Chamberlain reviewed wacky gadgets, Gwyneth Paltrow and Addison Rae talked '90s style and Selena Gomez surprised a fan with a personalized makeover.

In total, BeautyFest 2021 received over 7.1 million views.

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Ocean Plastic Article
EcoCult (2020)

Sustainability in the fashion industry is a passion of time. I have written several articles for EcoCult (a leading publication in the fashion & sustainability space) about topics ranging from ocean plastic fibers to the safest laundry detergents.

In my day to day life, conscious consumption is a principle that guides most of the choices I make.


The Pill & Forest Lungs Campaign
The Nue Co. (2020)

For the launch of their campaign promoting "The Pill," a topical skin supplement, The Nue Co. worked with me to create a slew of animated assets.

Several months later, we collaborated again for the launch of "Forest Lungs," their first brand scent.


Social Campaign
Swarovski (2020)

During the pandemic, Swarovski made a push for more online sales. I worked with them on repurposing existing imagery to design and create social media assets showcasing their latest collection.


Land Rights Now
Oxfam (2020)

In Eastern Thailand and Myanmar, minorities' lands are being confiscated at alarming rates in order for the government to build infrastructure. Often the lands are their means of sustenance, as they are used to grow their crops.


I partnered with Oxfam to create a video which shed light on the topic for their "Land Rights Now" global campaign.


Bleach Color Campaign
Bleach London (2020)

I collaborated with the Bleach London team for the launch of two campaigns: the first was the reveal of a new website, and the second a new product drop which featured dozens of vivid new hair colors.

Across both campaigns I delivered a total of 36 assets.


Shoe Campaign 2019
Nicholas Kirkwood (2019)

A surrealist shoe campaign for Nicholas Kirkwood's SS 2019 collection, created in partnership with Vogue's commercial video team.


Pandora x Vogue

Pandora called upon its quirky it-girl ambassadors to participate in a fun campaign shot in the Netherlands.

They interviewed each other about their life values, and each delivered some seriously insightful or humorous takes. My personal favorite moment is when Georgia-May Jagger asks Margaret Zhang what she is passionate about, to which she replies: "Keanu Reeves. As a concept."


My Beauty Tips: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Vogue Paris (2019)

My Beauty Tips is a fan favorite franchise for Vogue. Over my time there, I edited many of these - focusing on providing helpful makeup advice while also sprinkling in charming personality moments.

Episodes I worked on for Vogue include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Freida Pinto, Jessica Alba and Lana Condor. Combined, they have been viewed 3.9 million times.


Winnie Harlow's Shopping Challenge
Vogue (2019)

In this charming video, Winnie Harlow runs around Soho (NYC) attempting to craft three looks on a limited time. This concept delighted the talent, allowing them to show off their fashion chops and personality.

Other episodes of Shopping Challenge that I helped create featured Shanina Shaik and Alessandra Ambrosio.


Extreme Wellness: Sophie Turner Tries Goat Yoga
Vogue (2019)

The first video I worked on for Vogue saw one of the best performances up until that date. Sophie Turner doing goat yoga amassed over 5.6 million views across five global Vogue publications.

Sophie's playful nature and incredible comedic timing helped make this video the success that it was. The only struggle was herding the goats.

The second episode in the Extreme Wellness series saw Eva Longoria attempt circus school class, where she had the opportunity to revisit her high school cheerleading skills.


Kate Moss & Kaia Gerber Campaign
Stella McCartney (2018)

Kate Moss and Kaia Gerber starred in the Summer 2019 campaign for Stella McCartney, which I helped edit and create social assets for.


Eyewear Campaign starring Lindsey Wixson
Stella McCartney (2018)

Stella prides herself on using only innovative, sustainable materials. Her latest eyewear collection was made entirely of bio-acetate, a material not derived from fossil fuels.


Inspired by this, my team came up with the idea to take supermodel Lindsey Wixson (who had just comeback from a hiatus) to a dino park to capture a film about how materials that don't rely on fossil fuels are the natural way forward.


Breast Cancer Awareness featuring Idris Elba
Stella McCartney (2018)

A cause Stella supports immensely, in honor of her mother, is breast cancer awareness. In this film, Idris Elba performs a poignant poem about survival and resilience over imagery of beautiful survivors.

The film received media praise: it was picked up by Vogue, Hollywood Reporter, and WWD, among others.


Stella's Garden Campaign
Stella McCartney (2018)

For the Spring 2018 collection, our campaign film concept was inspired by classic '80s and '90s British gardening shows.


We cast a real gardening expert to provide tutorials on how to properly tend to your vegetables and plant flowers.


How Not To Go To Fashion School
i-D Magazine (2018)

i-D asked me to write an article on wether or not going to fashion school was worth it in order to break into the industry. I tried to provide advice which was as practical as possible, leaning into my personal experiences and advice I have learned along the way from mentors and friends.

The article spurred many interesting discussions in the comment section and on i-D's own Instagram.


Maison Gray
Central Saint Martins (2017)

From very early on, I knew that virtual fashion would be a huge phenomenon at the crossroads of fashion and tech. (Fast forward to today, when Balenciaga is collaborating with Meta on virtual clothes for their avatars.)

I designed, 3D modelled and animated a 6-piece collection that could only exist in a virtual space. It defied gravity and physics, and served as an elegant example of how strong design and cutting-edge tech can meet to create art.

This project received praise from industry insiders, such as Caroline Issa and Roger Tredre.


TORY PUNK Collection
Vogue Italia (2017)

Photographing backstage at Daniel John Sansom's collection presentation for Vogue Italia was a trip.


The collection served as a commentary on wealth in Britain. It featured trays with fake cocaine and credit cards arranged as headpieces, a throne carried by six burly men and a bedazzled clutch emblazoned with "Benefit Cuts."


Meet Amsterdam's Greatest Creatives
i-D Magazine (2017)

For i-D Magazine, I shot and edited a film about Amsterdam's most talented creatives, such as the Patta founder, Gee Schmidt, DJ Jasper Wolf, Sexyland owner Aukje Dekker, and more.


Hopper Penn Cover Story
ZOO Magazine (2017)

ZOO Magazine asked me to conduct an interview with Hopper Penn (son of Sean Penn and Robin Wright), the issue's cover star.


The article covered his upbringing, lifestyle, favorite job at a pizza joint, and new movie Puppy Love.


Dohan Yung Collection
Central Saint Martins (2017)

I 3D scanned, modeled and animated Dohan Yung's 2018 collection. The result was a fashion film where is collection undertook a choreographed dance inside of an abstract virtual world.


Robert Wallace Collection
Central Saint Martins (2017)

Robert Wallace's 2018 collection was inspired by Bauhaus architecture and clean tailoring. Using his patterns as a blueprint, I 3D modeled a virtual architectural space and green-screened his models showcasing the collection into it.

The film received acclaim from the designer himself and from fashion industry insiders.


Sustainability at Stella McCartney
1 Granary (2017)

In this interview, I speak with Claire Bergkamp, the Chief Sustainability Officer at Stella McCartney about the future of fashion and the environment and how Stella is reinventing the game.


The White Shirt
Central Saint Martins (2017)

For this project, I was asked to investigate the simple white shirt. I sourced over 15 different white shirts and, through layering photo negatives, created almost ghost-like exposures that revealed an underlying archetype of the white shirt.


Domus Obscura
Royal Academy of Art (2016)

Domus Obscura attempts to preserve our memories of home by capturing the view outside a window for all time.


I achieved this by creating a camera obscura in my bedroom and by applying photo-sensitive chemicals to clothing and household items. With this, I created exposures on personal items only using my window glass as a lens.

The poetic photographs capture the delicate nostalgia of time fleeting, and the image of an artist dedicated to preserving her relationship to her home.


Alix Campaign
3.1 Phillip Lim (2015)

Animations for a campaign promoting 3.1 Phillip Lim's new Alix bag.


RISD Museum Poster
Rhode Island School of Design (2015)

A poster design for the RISD Museum utilizing repetition.


Cut Out Poetry
Royal Academy of Art (2014)

Embracing randomness, I cut up novellas leaving only individual lines intact.


With no intent to impose meaning by the artist, the reader is given the freedom to interpret the accidental poem in whichever way comes naturally to them.


Royal Academy of Art (2014)

An experiment with green screen.


My Life was a Fantasy of Change...

The first auto-biographical article I wrote. I reflect on my move at a young age from Canada to The Netherlands, and attempt to unpack what my 10-year-old self could have been feeling. Featured in the popular Indian publication Tehelka.


Quote Generator Installation
Royal Academy of Art

We are surrounded by quotes at all times. Are they loaded with as much meaning as we attribute to them?

In this installation, I coded a Quote Generator, which 'wrote' quotes and attributed them to whoever the viewer was.


Brooklyn Bridge Panoramic
The New York Times

An in-camera panorama shot with a plastic Holga camera on a summer day in 2010.


9/11 Memorial Diptych
The New York Times

A diptych shot with a plastic Holga camera at the Ground Zero construction site.

During the summer of 2010, I visited the site numerous times and captures photographs and in-camera panoramas on my rudimentary camera. My attempt was to represent the intention to create order out of chaos.

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