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I'm Azra. An associate creative director, video director and editor. Here are things I've made.
I have worked with Vogue, Stella McCartney, Audible, YouTube Originals, Burberry,
Spotify, Netflix and Instagram among others.

You can reach me at:
I studied at the Royal Academy
of Art of the Netherlands, the Rhode Island School of Design, and Central Saint Martins College in London.
Working closely with Derek Blasberg and the YouTube Beauty and Fashion team,
I served as Associate Creative Director for YouTube's #BeautyFest and directed multiple segments. See more here!
At Vogue, I created and edited
videos with Alicia Keys, Sophie Turner, and Nicole Richie among others. My videos were viewed over 11 million times across 12 global Vogue channels.
See more here!
Together with Joe Sabia, the founder of Studio Sabia and creator of Vogue's
73 Questions, I have been developing and directing video franchises for Amazon Audible's YouTube channel and socials.
See more here!
While working at Stella McCartney,
I crafted elegant fashion films,  worked the shows backstage at Paris Fashion Week and rubbed shoulders with Kate Moss and Kaia Gerber on campaign shoot sets.
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Frequently work with beauty and luxury brands on crafting desirable and on-brand moving image assets.
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